Yoga for People Over 60 - A Healthy Option

Yoga Teacher Training
 Is Yoga over 60 realistic? Yes, and there are teachers and videos designed to address the needs of seniors. Accordingly, Duke Integrative Medicine in Durham, North Carolina, has noted the quickest- growing segment of the American population consists of seniors.  Many of these people, over the age of 60, are turning to Yoga to stay mentally and physically fit . In fact, statisticians expect the number of seniors to double to 80 million by 2050. Obviously, there is a growing need for Yoga instructors trained to work with older students . Quality of Life and Longevity Of course, the over-60 age group is also one of the most diverse and vulnerable groups in Yoga schools. Therefore, teachers must know how to safely teach yoga to seniors , but they must also know how to integrate Yoga with traditional medicine.  As life expectancy continues to expand, then, the likelihood of even older students continues to grow. Moreover, Yoga over 60 is a great physical activity that helps to reduce s