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Fashionable science has confirmed that every part within the Universe is solely and easily ENERGY vibrating at totally different charges.

Relying on the speed of vibration, this ENERGY manifests as totally different kinds.

This ENERGY takes the type of you or me!

It takes the type of a chicken or a bee.

It is the meals we eat, the air we breathe, the earth we stand on, the chair we sit on, the water we drink, and so forth.

It is all ENERGY!

And whereas some ENERGIES are very useful to us, some are very dangerous.

A few of these dangerous ENERGIES are well-known and simple to establish: air pollution, recurring smoking, an excessive amount of of any meals, weapons, hurtful feedback or actions-the record is absolutely countless.

A few of these dangerous ENERGIES are usually not so well-known and, as confirmed by trendy science, simply as harmful.

As an illustration, the noise of a hair dryer, blender, and jet engine actually alters the ENERGY of our physique, making it bodily, emotionally, and mentally weaker.

Vibrations within the type of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) put out by cell telephones, televisions, computer systems, and so forth. additionally make our our bodies weaker-physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Even metals used within the chairs, mattress frames, and mattresses we use on a regular basis after we’re suppose to be “resting” and “rejuvenating” actually weaken our bodies-deplete our ENERGY.

These are scientific details!

What’s extra, the electrical energy in our houses and places of work is vibrating, biking, at a price far quicker than any of the vibratory cycles present in our our bodies.

Sure, all our organs and bodily capabilities have their very own vibratory charges.

And sure, these charges are slower than widespread electrical currents-let alone the vibratory charges of hair dryers, blenders, loud engines, and so forth.

Which means that our bodily techniques are “harmed” each single second simply by regular daily use of electrical energy and different trendy applied sciences. Applied sciences they have not had time to adapt to.

Our our bodies can take tons of and even hundreds of years to adapt to environmental modifications like those our trendy society has created in simply the previous 20 years.

Our our bodies are bombarded each single day by large pressures they can not deal with, leading to many minor and main well being points.

If we truly measured the results of those pressures on the developmental development of a kid’s physique we’d be shocked past perception.

And research present that no quantity of YOGA, t’ai chi, qigong, train, wholesome consuming, and so forth. ALONE will present our our bodies with the ENERGY wanted to totally counter these detrimental ENERGIES.

The ENERGY we have to have wholesome our bodies so we will perform at our most capability.

Is there an answer?


Einstein mentioned, “If I weren’t a physicist, I’d in all probability be a musician. I usually suppose in music. I dwell my daydreams in music. I see my life by way of music… I get most pleasure in life out of music.”

Sure, the ENERGY of music is a magical elixir for our ENERGY deprivation in addition to the presents it introduced Einstein!

There are specific vibrations of ENERGY within the type of music that actually arrange a harmonic discipline of RESONANCE that protects our our bodies from the dangerous results of EMF’s, electrical energy, metals, and so forth.

The well-known Mayo Clinic lists MUSIC THERAPY as considered one of its prime 10 complimentary medical remedies.

ENERGY Harmonizing or Organizing music is utilized in hospitals, clinics, training facilities, companies, and tens of hundreds of houses due to its magnificence, uplifting nature, originality, and ENERGY ENHANCING properties.

It has been clinically proven to extend vitality to the mind; steadiness the left and proper sides of the mind; scale back stress; enable blood to movement extra freely; enhance steadiness and energy; and improve agility, coordination, and adaptability.

ENERGY Harmonizing or Organizing music creates a protecting discipline of harmonic vitality that instantly locations the physique’s delicate vitality techniques in a balanced and harmonious state of being.

ENERGY Harmonizing or Organizing music is a present that flows by way of a handful of gifted musicians identical to sensible insights flowed by way of Einstein!


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