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Most individuals have some concept about what Yoga is. Whereas there are lots of differing types and strategies of Yoga, the principle definition that most individuals embrace, is that it’s a system of well being and leisure that’s nurtured by way of bodily postural strategies.

That is in its most simple kind. Different methodologies of Yoga embrace spirituality, connectivity with the “Life Power,” creativity, self-acceptance, stability (mentally, bodily, emotionally, and spiritually), and even concentrate on growing power and vitality in some ways. One facet of this strengthening is thru creating extra sexual energy.

It is attention-grabbing that autofellatio may be cultured and obtained, by most individuals, by way of studying and practising Yogic maneuvers and stretches. In actual fact, historical artifacts reveal that the Tantrists, from India, developed their very own specialised type of Yoga with deep ties to sexuality. They’ve left us with proof that self-sexual acts (of the oral selection) weren’t solely an essential and dynamic a part of their tradition, however that they even took the time to solidify these ideas in stone, by way of their structure and artwork. This might reveal that such sexual-based acts have been essential to them and well-worth preserving for individuals to see, even centuries after they have been created.

In fact, some specialists on Yoga will state that such acts as autofellatio or autocunnilingus (by way of Yogic practise) go in opposition to the grain and true which means of Yogi Philosophy. That is merely a self-appointed opinion and has no foundation in actuality. Once more, there are lots of features of Yogi artwork and Hindu faith which have sexuality on the very core of their teachings. Lots of which concentrate on creating sexual vitality to its highest potential state.

Inside the bodily facet of this methodology of mysticism, we additionally understand that with practise and time, that lots of the positions and stretches lend themselves fully to growing flexibility and mobility within the physique. That is hardly a shock to anybody who has studied physique mechanics, as maintaining the joints, fascia, ligaments, and muscular tissues within the physique robust and versatile, is among the cornerstones of residing a wholesome existence. Even so simple as that appears, it’s a particularly essential a part of an individual’s general well being.

With the rise in flexibility and healthiness of the joints (and related tissues), by way of Yogic practise, we then have what? We’ve got a physique that’s versatile sufficient that it could actually carry out such acts as autofellatio and autocunnilingus.

To Summarize: This leaves us with sure types of Yoga which might be clearly primarily based on sexuality, growing and harnessing our sexual vitality, and which have prescribed postures that enable one to autofellate, if one chooses to take action. Cultivation of sexual energy/vitality may be had by using Yogic postures and philosophy; and from my very own experiences, take this vitality to unbelievable phases by way of re-circulating this vitality throughout the autofellatory course of.

Not solely do autofellatio and sure kinds of Yoga share commonalities, however it might appear that, in some methods, they’re inseparable.


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