ANOMALY, this is not a magazine.

ANOMALIA is a network under construction, it is the encounter between many experiences in motion, it is free and autonomous.

ANOMALY is a partisan, partisan look at reality. ANOMALY is dream and need. It is struggle and desire.

ANOMALIA is a project that aims to transfer on paper the many artistic, cultural and political experiences that move in the Bolognese territory and mainly in the university area. Incompatible experiences, which cannot be locked up in museums or find space on mainstream publications. Breaking, counter-cultural, underground experiences.

ANOMALIA moves between politics, music, books, films, alternating interviews with italics, photos and cartoons.

ANOMALIA is open to receiving contributions, and opens an online space to anyone who wants to collaborate with her. Reviews, photos, videos will be published on the ANOMALY page of this site. As long as they reflect the founding values ​​that the newspaper wants to carry on: anti-fascism, anti-racism, anti-sexism.

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